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How Do We Fit In?


You contact us, we send you a list of performers and you choose who you want. It can be a show or strolling. Usually, it is 1-3 entertainers with a budget starting at 1k. This is a very hands-off option on our end and let you take care of lighting sound and all that fun stuff. It’s a really good option for someone who is fairly far along in the planning process.



This package is ideal for someone who is midway through the planning process and wants entertainment with some fixings. These budgets start at 5k and go up to 30k. We take more of a creative role in the planning process and offer some really neat features like:

  • 3D event rendering
  • On-site management team
  • Walkie talkie communication with the client during the event
  • Staging/ lighting/ sound

When you go through us for some of these extra features such as lighting and sound you get a team of people that can sync up and create something really special.


Evie Lynn x TruVariety Entertainment-288

With this package, we act like your head event planner. Catering, decor, location, entertainment, etc. This is perfect for someone in the very beginning stages of planning for an event. Budgets for this package start at around 30k and go to 500k. This is advantageous because you get every department working together as a dedicated team of professionals who all communicate before, during, and after your event. We literally take care of everything so you can sit back, relax and know it’s just taken care of. With this creative control, we can provide add-ons:

  • Custom art installations

  • Seamlessly fluid transitions between food, entertainment, cocktail hour

  • All departments sync up with walkie talkies

  • Lighting, sound, and decor symbiosis

  • Invitations and promotion


Are you ready to take the next step?

Stop pulling your hair out and stressing about your event and get in touch with us. We can make your event remarkable.

The Process

Initial Assessment

Fill out form and schedule a phone call. You ask us some questions, we ask you some questions and determine if we are the right fit for each other. If so, great! Pass go. If not that’s ok too.

Moving Forward

If deciding to move forward, we talk in detail about your event, we discuss your vision and concept and provide you with ideas on how to expand on what you have and make it better.

The Plan

We then create a schedule and game plan taking the steps to put everything in play. Create a custom event Deck to share with you and your team. Then, leave it to us to make it happen.

Event planning is hard. Let us help. Call (424) 258-4074 today!