TruVariety Entertainment has one goal and that is to make your life easier. We do this by developing a relationship of trust with our clients to insure that we always have your best interest in mind. After working with us once you will understand that we operate at a different level than what you may be used to. Most of the time our clients even end up as friends, thus creating a network of professionals that develop a mutually beneficial relationship for years.

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Patrick Connor

Patrick Connor is the founder and owner of TruVariety Entertainment. He understands that bios are supposed to be written in the third person but we all know that it is the person himself who is writing the bio of himself pretending to be someone else. With that being said, this guy is very humble, even though he is the best at what he does. No one else out there in this market knows as much as Patrick does about getting the right fit for your event, organization, and making you feel like a childhood friend. He truly believes that what's missing from most events is just communication and a keen eye for knowing what the guests will ejoy, something that only comes from years of experience working in the field as an entertainer himself.

Veronica Becerra-Connor

Veronica Becerra-Connor, has 15 years of producing and casting experience in the entertainment industry ranging from live shows, reality television and feature films. Her experience in running major productions overflowed into her love of fun events. Merging of creativity and running productions like a well oiled machine make for unstoppable possibilities.
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Scarlet Checkers

Scarlet has spent a third of her life working in the entertainment industry, first as a performer, and then as a talent agent for TruVariety. Between her creative ideas, her communication skills, and her extensive network of entertainers and vendors, she’s a valuable asset for any event production team. Scarlet’s dedication to creating memorable experiences comes through in each project that she is involved in, and her energetic personality is just the cherry on top!


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