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Eric Walton is a New York City mentalist and magician who performs at corporate events, private parties, colleges, theaters, and comedy clubs around the country. An award-winning and critically-acclaimed entertainer, Eric has performed his singular brand of magic and mentalism at hundreds of events for audiences of all kinds. Whether it's for a group of ten people at a private residence, or in a theater or ballroom of five-hundred, Eric always delivers a stellar performance of mystifying feats of mind-reading and magic that leave audiences amazed, amused, and wanting more. 

Eric's unparalleled skill, consummate professionalism, and years of experience have made him the first choice for many of New York City's top party planners and event coordinators; and his stage presence, personal charm, and showmanship have garnered the accolades of theater critics from the New York Times, the London Times, Variety, Gothamist.com, and a host of other media outlets in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Eric Walton has been a student of the conjuring arts since 1999. His one-man show Esoterica is a dazzling foray into the realms of philosophy and metaphysics as seen through the lens of conjuring and stagecraft. Armed with little more than a regulation deck of fifty-two playing cards, a razor sharp wit, and an inexhaustible wealth of mostly useless knowledge, master showman Eric Walton deftly navigates such perennial philosophical questions as “Destiny vs Free Will”, “What is Perception?” and “Is This Your Card?” His talents for showmanship and sleight of hand have taken him to five continents and his corporate clients have comprised many Fortune 500 companies, including Mastercard, Pfizer, Google, GM, and Lufthansa.

Eric has performed on television in the U.S. and the U.K.; been a featured performer and master of ceremonies at night-clubs in New York City, London and Atlantic City; worked as a magic consultant for numerous theater shows; and, performed for Cirque Du Soleil.

In 2006, he was named "Best Novelty Performer of The Year" by American Entertainment Magazine.



  • Theaters
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Events
  • Casinos


"A very entertaining one-man show...a mix of magic, mentalism and intelligent chat. He does all three impressively."

~The New York Times

"A masterclass in card magic and mentalism...an absolute pleasure."

~The London Times

"Walton is a charming mountebank, his parade of card tricks a delight, but it's the human touch that makes for a good show."



  • Google
  • Mastercard
  • Pfizer
  • GM

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