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Micah Cover is a teacher, lecturer, producer, writer, consultant and performer – all in the Art of Magic. He is a headliner and tour guide at the world-famous Magic Castle.

Micah is highly interactive, and puts the magic in YOUR hands! With his help, your guests will read minds, perform card tricks and do amazing things they never thought possible.

Whether it’s an intimate close up performance or strolling group to group, person to person, Micah the Magician will make your event unforgettable!

If you are looking to entertain a large group, whether it’s a banquet hall, on a stage, or any venue where you want to give the Gift of Magic to a larger audience, Micah will bring the WOW factor! His show is customizable and perfect for all ages.



  • Strolling Entertainment for Adults or Youth
  • Family & Children's entertainment
  • Picnic Games


"An innovative performer with mind-boggling talent."

~The Magic Castle

"Exceptional ‘out of this world’ talents!! I was there, and I STILL can’t believe what I saw!!! A truly Magical Evening!"

~Damaris Justamante

"The only thing up his sleeve is awesomeness."

~Scott Miles

"The best magician I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Absolutely incredible tricks, my head is still spinning…"

~David Ressel

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