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  • In 1-3 short paragraphs, explain your show and what makes it unique and fun. Think of it as a short advertisement of what they will receive by working with you. This should be sales-oriented. Please specify if you have more than one show, (family friendly, adults only, educational etc..) and include a different explanation for each.
  • Your history of performing, accomplishments, etc.
  • If you have a list of previous clients that can help to demonstrate your versatility, etc., we can add a few of those to your biographical information. We will not use individual or personal names, but will list company names, organizations, etc.
  • A few short testimonials from previous clients.
  • We will add the picture to the top of the website and we will also put it on our site as a downloadable photo for use in clients’ promotional materials. (this should be sent in a high-resolution format, recommended to be 300 dpi for a 8x10’’ print.
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  • Please write a brief introduction you would like clients to use to bring you on stage.
  • If you are able to provide your own sound & lights for up to a certain sized audience, let us know that as well!
  • This will not be posted publicly but will give us a jumping point when speaking with clients.
  • No more than three minutes. This should not include any personal or third party booking information). We will add the TruVariety Entertainment logo and contact information to the video. If this can be sent as a high-definition YouTube link, that is the easiest way to add this to your page, but if you have it in another format, we will do our best to work with it.
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